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    Relocate Traction Control System

    Tools Required:
    • ratchet with socket sizes
    • 7mm
    • 10mm deep
    • 13mm
    • and an extension
    • Phillips head screwdriver
    • wire cutters
    • soldering iron
    • heat gun
    • heat shrink
    • a few feet of wire
    • solder
    • zip ties

    1. disconnect battery
    2. disconnect the wires from your PCM, there are (2) 7mm bolts holding the harnesses on
    3. very carefully slide your PCM out being sure not to damage any of the electrical pins,you may be able to wiggle it out of there with out loosening any thing else. i had to take out the (2) 10mm bolts that hold the PCM bracket in
    4. once your PCM is out clean out all the leaves that have gathered underneath it over the years
    5. take out the (2) 13mm bolts holding on the traction control unit. one is located on top in plain view and the other is facing the battery (also disconnect the electrical plug)
    6. take off the bracket that is on the traction control unit, it is held on by (2) 10mm nuts. now use that handy screwdriver to unscrew the plastic clip holding the electrical wire to the bracket
    7. now you are ready to put the unit behind the PCM. carefully place the TC unit into where the PCM sits(moving a big wad of wire out of the way so the TC unit can sit further back (if you remove a plastic retaining clip you can get some more slack out of the wires). The plastic end with the cables goes in first making sure not to kink the cables. you can build a bracket to hold it, or do what i did ZIP TIES. zip tie the top half to the hole where the electrical clip you just removed was, and the bottom half to the big bundle of wires
    8. you are now ready use the wire cutters/strippers, heat gun, heat shrink, solder, and soldering iron to extend all of the wires. if you have gotten this far you should be able to extend the few wires without needing me to write up how its done (its hard to explain, but easy to do).
    9. after you are done, hook your PCM back up, then your battery. your car may run rough for the first 15 seconds or so since u disconnected the PCM.

    • Images & procedure archived here, all credit goes to original poster (presto_z) on




    PCM Bracket:

    TCS Module:

    Behind the PCM:
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