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    Replaced Driver's Door Window Regulator

    Well, I got the Driver's side Window Regulator swapped out. It is nice to be able to roll the window up and down in a timely fashion.

    I used the two documents, linked below, for the How-To. The only real problem, is the docs do not say what size wrenches, drill bits, etc which are required for this. I took note of what sizes I used, and I will update this post with that info soon.

    I just have to say, that this was 100x easier than my old 3rd gen was.

    Part 1: windowreplacement.pdf
    Part 2: windowreplacement2.pdf
    The Easy Way!: easywindowreplacement.pdf

    Since the Passenger window still works well, I am not going to replace the regulator on it yet. I will just hold on to it until it does decide to fail, or I remove the glass windows completely.

    • PDF Files are copyright Firebird Nation, and are provided here as an archive only.
    • I used a 7mm socket (Speaker), 10mm Socket (rear channel guide), 13mm Socket (rear channel guide), 1/8 Punch (rivets) and 3/8 Drill Bit (rivets)
    • I completely removed the rear channel guide. This made it a little easier to get the regulator in and out of the door
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